Giftun or Paradise?

Giftun or Paradise? Maybe you are facing this choice right now and you do not really understand what is  all about. We are here to help.

A trip to Giftun and a trip to Paradise are two of the most popular sea excursions from Hurghada. Interestingly both are taking place on the same island and indeed the tourists who went on a trip to Giftun are a dozen  meters away from those who went to Paradise. So why such a difference in price?

Umbrellas, restaurant and bathroom

Trip to Giftun is a trip to the part of the island where there is only a beautiful sandy beach and turquoise sea. The trip to Paradise is a trip to the developed part of the island, where there are umbrellas, bean bags, restaurant, bar and toilets.

Staying on the Paradise without any problem you can go beyond the developed part. When choosing a Giftun trip, we can not just sit under an umbrella or use the toilet.


Another difference is lunch during these two trips. During trip on the Giftun lunch is served on the boat and include pasta, rice, fish and salads. While on a trip to Paradise, lunch is served on the island and there is a greater variety of food – there are soups, fish, chicken, kofta, pasta, rice, salads, tahina, etc

Giftun or Paradise?

The Red Sea cruise, the sea breeze in the hair, the opportunity to take lots of beautiful pictures, stay on a wonderful sandy beach, snorkeling, admiring the underwater world (including colorful, exotic fish and coral reefs) is included on both trips.

If you do not care about a little luxury, access to the toilet, and while you are on the island you plan to spend that time on snorkeling, the cheaper option – a trip to Giftun – is worth your attention.

If during your stay you would like to be able to hide from the sun for a while, access to the restroom and have enough time for a bit of relaxation and snorkeling (stay on the Island on a Paradise trip longer than the island on the Giftun trip), I would recommend a trip to Paradise.

WARNING! By purchasing a tour in a hotel you will pay for a trip to Giftun at a price close to or higher than our price for a trip to Paradise. Do not think that trip called “Giftun” but with price of “Paradise”, offers the same things like “Paradise”,  but carefully check out the tour program.


 Trip to Giftun
Trip to Paradise
Lunch On boat (pasta, rice, fish, vegetable salad)
on the island (pasta, rice, fish, kohlrabi, chicken, vegetable salad)
Toilets on the boat
Toilets on the island
Umbrellas on the island
Oriental show on the island
Banana boat
Price for adult $11 $25